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2020 King of MX Season Announced

Motorcycling NSW is pleased to announce the 2020 King of MX calendar. The series, now heading into its third year, is promising to be even stronger, with an emphasis on encouraging local racers in each of the six regions to enter their local qualifier.

The King of MX was designed to revitalise the NSW State Motocross Championship, as well as to support regional clubs and their members by bringing a larger scale open event to them, where local club racers can throw down against those choosing to travel. 2020 will see new partners combined with some long-term supporters to not only maintain the immense overall prize pool, but also tailor more prizes to those who do well at a qualifier, not just the final.

As with previous years, the King of MX will consist of six qualifying events, where the first six or seven (depending on the gates available at each qualifier) riders in each class will earn a ‘golden ticket’ to the final. Once a golden ticket is earned, riders don’t have to race any other qualifiers unless they want to, however each rider is only eligible to earn one golden ticket per class.

At the final, in a location that will be announced in due course, State Title Champions will be decided on the June long weekend, over three motos for each class, with the Prince and Princess of MX crowned from the 13 to under-16 years 250F (128cc-150cc 2st & 200cc-250cc 4st, 13 to u/16 years) and 13 to under-16 years girls’ class (100cc-150cc 2st & 200cc- 250cc 4st, 13 to u/16 years, all female) winners.

The 2020 King and Queen of MX will once again battle it out across their respective feature races, with racers selected based on the results of the senior class races.

2020 King of MX Calendar

  • Qualifier 1– February 15-16, Bega – Top 7 qualify for final
  • Qualifier 2– February 29-1 March, Narrabri – Top 7 qualify for final
  • Qualifier 3– March 14-15, Bathurst – Top 6 qualify for final
  • Qualifier 4– March 28-29, Wagga Wagga – Top 6 qualify for final
  • Qualifier 5– April 18-19, Lake Macquarie -Top 7 qualify for final
  • Qualifier 6– May 9-10, Sydney – Top 7 qualify for final
  • Final – June 6-8, Undisclosed Location

18 Championship Classes

  • Nippers 4-u/7 years – Demonstration Only 
  • 50cc Division 2 – 7-u/9 years 
  • 65cc 7-u/10 years
  • 65cc 10-u/12 years
  • 85cc 2st/150cc 4st 9-u/12 years {standard wheel} 
  • 85cc 2st /150cc 4st 12-u/14 years {standard & big wheel} 
  • 85cc 2st/150cc 4st 14-u/16 years {standard & big wheel} 
  • 85cc 2st/150cc 4st 12-u/16 years All Female {standard & big wheel} 
  • 100cc-150cc 2st & 200cc- 250cc 4st 13-u/16 years All Female
  • 100cc-125cc 2st 13-u/16 years
  • 128cc-150cc 2st & 200cc-250cc 4st 13-u/16 years
  • MXW All Powers
  • MX1 A-Grade 255cc-450cc 2st/4st
  • MX1 B-Grade 255cc-450cc 2st/4st
  • C Grade Open
  • MX2 A-Grade up to 250cc 2st/4st
  • MX2 B-Grade up to 250cc 2st/4st
  • C Grade Lites
  • +35 Vets All Powers


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