King of MX is the hottest new Motocross event in Australia and the fresh face of the NSW State Titles. At the finals in October, eighteen State Champions will be crowned, along with the King, Queen, Prince and Princess of MX. To have a gate at the finals, riders must attain a Golden Ticket at one of our regional qualifying rounds. Our wide range of classes ensure the whole family gets time on the track and Nippers ride FREE!!. Want to be a Champion? Sign up today for one of our events and join the King of MX family!

Our story

In 2018, Motorcycling NSW acted to reinvigorate the NSW state motocross titles, with the following critical points:

+ Provide racers of all ages with an incentive to continue racing.

+ Provide racers with an equal opportunity to compete across the state.

+ Allow riders to race as many other club and open race meetings and series as they like without any disadvantage.

+ Give a tangible reward to those that achieve in what is a tough sport.

+ Honor long held traditions.

+ Ensure that the NSW State Champion was a sought after title.

And so, the concept of the King of MX was developed, where-by racers only need to qualify for the final, rather than race an entire series.



4 - U9 50cc Division 1 (Demonstration – non championship)C Grade Lites
7 - U9 years Division 2C Grade Open
7 - U10 years 65ccMX2 A Grade
10 - U12 years 65ccMX2 B Grade
9 - U12 years 85cc 2st/150cc 4st Standard WheelMX1 A Grade
12 - U14 years 85cc 2st/150cc 4st (Standard & Big Wheel)MX1 B Grade
12 - U16 years girls 85cc 2st/150cc 4st (Standard & Big Wheel)MXW
14 - U16 years 85cc 2st/150cc 4st (Standard & Big Wheel)+35 Vets
13 - U16 years 100cc-125cc 2st
13 - U16 years 128cc 2st & 250cc 4st
13 - U16 years Junior Girls 150cc 2st & 250cc 4st

     SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS for King Of MX qualifiers and final can be downloaded HERE.


During the qualifying rounds the below classes run on Saturday:

  • 4 – U9 years 50cc Div 1 DEMO
  • 7 – U9 years 50cc Div 2
  • 7 – U9 years 65cc
  • 10 – U12 years 65cc
  • 9 – U12 years 85cc
  • 12 – U14 years 85cc
  • 12 – U16 years 85cc GIRLS
  • 14 – U16 years 85cc
  • 13 – U16 years 125cc

classes running on the Sunday:

  • 13 – U16 years 250cc
  • 13 – U16 years 125cc/250cc GIRLS
  • C Grade Lites
  • C Grade Opens
  • VETS
  • MXW
  • MX2 A Grade
  • MX2 B Grade
  • MX1 A Grade
  • MX1 B Grade
FINALS as per supp regs

At the end of the Final event, once all the State Titles have been decided, the top riders from MX1, MX2, Veterans, and C Grade, will be placed in one All Powers feature race. They will race for a huge $10,000 prize purse… winner takes all… no second prize. Even more importantly, they will be crowned the 2018 King Of MX, soon to be the most prestigious MX title in the country. They will also be immortalised in cartoon form by our artist and become the main poster character for the next year’s event.

Pretty much the same as the King Of MX… an all female, All Powers race for the top 40 senior ladies. Same prizemoney as the guys, only a different crown. This will be the biggest event female MX has ever seen in Australia.

There will be 3 Motos for each class at the final event, and the State Titles will be determined on a point score basis using the points system in the GCRs. Results at Qualifying events have no bearing on the State Title results, only results at the Final event will count.

This year there are 5 regional qualifiers (instead of the usual 6 due to COVID-19 Sport Shutdown) spread out around NSW. To qualify for the final on the June long weekend, you will need to enter a qualifier and finish in the top 8 in your class on a point score basis for that event. Riders who qualify will be awarded a Golden Ticket to the final and can then place their entry for the Final.

No problem. You are welcome to enter another qualifier. You can keep trying until you score a Golden Ticket.

Riders can only qualify once. For example, if at a Qualifying event where the top 6 receive a Golden Ticket, a rider finishes in the top 6 but they have already qualified at a previous event, the Golden Ticket will go to the rider who came 7th. So only those riders who have not previously qualified in that class can receive a Golden Ticket.

No. There are no wild card entries available in 2019.


Without these very special companies, this event would not exist

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